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SWY Scent With You


The SWY - Scent With You brand, established in 2014 in Hong Kong, was born from a dreamer that longed to share her tales with the world. Weaving together fantasy with the real life experiential journey that you, the wearer, go through, each fragrance captures a fond memory laced with raw emotion and feelings. The story becomes yours; the scent becomes you. With the passing of time, may this scent bring an ocean of new experiences and defining moments that make this scent uniquely yours.

At SWY - Scent With You, we focus on the refined details of our products, offering a range of perfumes and home fragrances with a minimalistic aesthetic to allow our scents to speak for themselves. Our one of a kind “aromatic stories” is a symphony of scented layers, each layer interpreting an emotion that plays harmoniously together to encapsulate life’s most beautiful and complex moments in a bottle.