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Eau De Toilette – Virtue

Size: 60ml
Our Scent Becomes You

Story — Walking down memory lane, she could still remember the nostalgic recollections of visiting her aunt’s antique mansion every spring as if it was only yesterday. As the gates opened up, the enticing citrus scent of grapefruit trees welcomed her with open arms. The sweet magnolias and violets that embellished the front yard were so emblazoned in her mind that she could almost smell its crisp, fragrant scent. Upon entering the beautiful home, she would find her aunt sitting in her wooden bamboo desk with a large window that looked out to the gates. Dressed in her silk turquoise mandarin gown embellished with light pink florals, she slowly sipped her tea from the porcelain teacup as the smoke from the burning sandalwood incense filled every corner of the room. 

Family — Oriental Floral

Intensity — ■■■■■■

Top — Grapefruit
Body — Magnolia / Heliotrope / Violet / Lily of the Valley
Base — Sandalwood / Musk / Amber / Patchouli

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