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Eau De Toilette – Miss

Size: 60ml
Our Scent Becomes You

Story — As they walked jovially hand in hand to school for his final recital, halfway through, the rain started to pour. Miss, his childhood caretaker, had not brought an umbrella that day but because she knew how much it meant for the little boy to get to his recital on time, she took off her own jacket and wrapped him in it with love as sweet as caramel. In that instance, he was enraptured in her scent that smelt of blossoming roses, blackberries and peonies. She held him close to her heart like a mother to a child, and the boy knew that no rain could wash away his affection for her.

Family — Fruity Floral

Intensity — ■■■■■□

Top — Rose / Pineapple
Body — Blackberry / Peony
Base — Amber / Caramel

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