【Christmas Set】- The Candle Addict (Holiday Limited Edition)

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Our Scent Becomes You

Share with your friends with our 5 Christmas selections of mini poured candles! 

This Gift Set Includes:
Poured Candle (150g) - Lotus
Poured Candle (150g) - Snow
Poured Candle (150g) - Is-land

Lotus :

Story — Float along with the lotus on the water. This mixture of floral and aquatic scent is combined with orange flower, lotus, orchid, moss and musk.

香型 — Floral

Intensity — ■■■□□□

Top — Orange Flower / Melon
Body — Lotus / Orchid / Aquatic
Base — Moss / Musk

Snow :

Story — It was a beautiful snowfall. She wandered through a field of white freesias as a snowflake softly grazed her cheek. The cooling sensation was met with a familiar scent of sweet citrus orange in the distance. She was instantly enamored. Guided by her senses, she found herself walking into a forest of white cedar trees and oranges. In this sweet surrender, her soul came alive again.

香型 — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Orange
Body — Freesia / Lily of the Valley
Base — Patchouli / Cashmere Wood / White Cedarwood


Is-land :

 Story — Dancing to the song of fire and ice in the vast unknown, she felt alive and attuned to this place as if she’d been here before in her past life. The cold Icelandic wind pressed against her skin like icy peppermint with hints of sweet freesias and geraniums yet she could feel the volcanic warmth of ginger pulsating through her. Opposing yet so beautiful. Dancing her way into a patch of patchouli surrounded by cedarwood trees, she knew she was home at long last.

香型 — Aquatic Floral

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Cardamom / Ginger / Peppermint

Body — Freesia / Geranium / Aquatic
Base — Patchouli / Cedarwood