Sweet Dream Moisturising Body Cream

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SWEET DREAM Moisturising Body Cream will love and nourish your body like never before! Made with a whopping 8% Shea Butter, together with Strawberry & Raspberry Extract, this fast-absorbing body cream will instantly moisturise, revitalise & soften skin. 

200g | 7 oz.


    Formulated with Shea Butter, Camellia Oil, Trehalose with Strawberry & Raspberry ExtractSWEET DREAM Moisturising Body Cream will nourish, rejuvenate & soften skin with 24-hours protection. This super creamy, non-sticky & non-greasy body moisturiser will leave your skin feeling smoother, supple & hydrated. 



    • All Skin Types




     Shea Butter: Its high concentration of fatty acids make shea butter very good for softening & nourishing skin, it is suitable for all skin type. Shea Butter also contain Vitamin A & E which help boosting collagen production & preventing cellular damage.


    • Camellia Oil: It is a nutritive & fast-absorbing oil that is said to be an ancient beauty secret in Japan. It is full of antioxidants and oleic acid that nourishes skin without leaving a greasy feeling.


    • Trehalose: Trehalose mimics the natural moisturising factors naturally found in the skin, helping to keep it moisturised, hydrated & supple. It helps the skin the retain moisture, keeping it youthful & fresh looking. It also acts an antioxidant helping to protect the skin from sun damage and aging.


     Strawberry Extract: Rich in vitamin C, strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm down. It is also rich in antioxidants & ellagic acid, which helps to lighten skin complexion & reduce fine lines. 


    • Raspberry Extract: Raspberry is rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin C & E as well as ellagic acid, it keeps skin healthy and reduce signs of aging. It also has natural soothing and hydrating properties. 

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