[Online Exclusive] - Christmas Perfume Set

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Our Scent Becomes You

Featuring our most signature fragrance 'Snow' along with a light and refined floral 'Lotus', let this Christmas be cold and elegant. 

This Gift Set Includes:
Eau De Toilette (60ml) - Snow
Eau De Toilette (10ml) - Lotus


Story — It was a beautiful snowfall. She wandered through a field of white freesias as a snowflake softly grazed her cheek. The cooling sensation was met with a familiar scent of sweet citrus orange in the distance. She was instantly enamored. Guided by her senses, she found herself walking into a forest of white cedar trees and oranges. In this sweet surrender, her soul came alive again.

Family — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Orange
Body — Freesia / Lily of the Valley
Base — Patchouli / Cashmere Wood / White Cedarwood


Story — Guided by the intoxicating aromas of orange flowers and fresh wild melon, she found herself stumble upon a shimmering lotus pond underneath the pale moonlight. Overwhelmed by the scent of lush lotus leaves and orchids flawlessly surrounding the moss-covered pond, she was utterly enraptured by its ephemeral beauty that she knew would fleet as soon as the sun came up.

Family — Floral

Intensity — ■■■□□□

Top — Orange Flower / Melon
Body — Lotus / Orchid / Aquatic
Base — Moss / Musk

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