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Our Scent Becomes You

Share with your friends with our 5 Christmas selections of mini poured candles! 

This Gift Set Includes:
Poured Candle (70g) - A.M.
Poured Candle (70g) - P.M.
Poured Candle (70g) - Fig
Poured Candle (70g) - Snow
Poured Candle (70g) - Hyacinth


Story — This refreshing scent is reminiscent of nature's morning dew, with notes of lemon and lime zest, neroli, oolong tea, chamomile and cistus labdanum.

Family — Citrus Tea

Intensity — ■■■■■■

Top — Lemon / Lime
Body — Neroli / Oolong Tea
Base — Ciste Labdanum


Story — Savor a moment of calmness at home with this subdued scent, made of bergamot, grapefruit, bamboo, Chinese green tea, and ginger with base notes of amber and musk.

Family — Woody Tea

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Grapefruit / Bergamot
Body — Bamboo / Green Tea / Ginger / Nutmeg 
Base — Musk / Amber


Story — Adorn your home with the smell of natural, sweet and fragrant fig.

Family — Fruity

Intensity — ■■■■□□


Story — This icy cool invigorating scent may seem cold to the touch but upon first smell, it will warm you right up, with notes of orange, freesia, lily of the valley, cashmere wood, white cedar wood and patchouli.

Family — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Orange
Body — Freesia / Lily of the Valley
Base — Patchouli / Cashmere Wood / White Cedarwood


Story — Lay on a bed of lush hyacinth blooms with just a few sprays of this reinvigorating scent at home.

Family — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■■■■□

Our private blended wax candle can burn for approximately:

70g — 15 hours

Shipping — Orders will be prepared and shipped out within 1-2 business days.
2 complimentary samples for any order
We ship with S.F. Express for residential area and Kerry Logistics for industrial buildings.
*For more information, please visit the Shipping & Return tab.

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