【Christmas Set】- The Essential Candle Set (Holiday Limited Edition)

$390 $760
Our Scent Becomes You

Share with your friends with our 5 Christmas selections of mini poured candles! 

This Gift Set Includes:
Poured Candle (150g) - Snow
Poured Candle (70g) - A.M.
Poured Candle (70g) - P.M.

Snow :

Story — It was a beautiful snowfall. She wandered through a field of white freesias as a snowflake softly grazed her cheek. The cooling sensation was met with a familiar scent of sweet citrus orange in the distance. She was instantly enamored. Guided by her senses, she found herself walking into a forest of white cedar trees and oranges. In this sweet surrender, her soul came alive again.

Family — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Orange
Body — Freesia / Lily of the Valley
Base — Patchouli / Cashmere Wood / White Cedarwood

A.M. :

Story — This refreshing scent is reminiscent of nature's morning dew, with notes of lemon and lime zest, neroli, oolong tea, chamomile and cistus labdanum.

Family — Citrus Tea

Intensity — ■■■■■■

Top — Lemon / Lime
Body — Neroli / Oolong Tea
Base — Ciste Labdanum

P.M. :

Story — Savor a moment of calmness at home with this subdued scent, made of bergamot, grapefruit, bamboo, Chinese green tea, and ginger with base notes of amber and musk.

Family — Woody Tea

Intensity — ■■■■□□

Top — Grapefruit / Bergamot
Body — Bamboo / Green Tea / Ginger / Nutmeg 
Base — Musk / Amber

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