【Christmas Set】- Featured 30ml Eau De toilette Set (Holiday Limited Edition)

$690 $1,170

Our Scent Becomes You

Eternal :

Story — Their love was young and beautiful, like fresh lemons and rose petals. He would give her a Camellia each Sunday as they shared an afternoon of stories while sipping on fragrant Pu’er Tea. It was her favorite. As they grew into each other, so did the scent of their love; reminiscent of leather that gets only better with age, dipped in sweet honey and musk. The scent of love is eternal.

Family — Floral Tea

Intensity — ■■■■■□

Top — Lemon / Rose
Body — Camellia / Pu'er Tea
Base — Honey / Leather  / Musk

 Cloud :

Story — Passing by the invigorating peach blossoms as the smell of earthy, subtle notes of green leaves filled the air, she knew this journey was different. Alas, she made it to the top. As the sea of musky clouds churned beneath her feet, she inhaled her first breath of freedom - fragrant scents of peach, jasmine, rose and natural breeze all swallowed into one. It filled every part of her being, and in that moment, she felt infinite.

Family — Light Floral

Intensity — ■■□□□□

Top — Peach Blossom / Green Leaves
Body — Peach / Rose
Base — Musk

Lotus :

Story — Guided by the intoxicating aromas of orange flowers and fresh wild melon, she found herself stumble upon a shimmering lotus pond underneath the pale moonlight. Overwhelmed by the scent of lush lotus leaves and orchids flawlessly surrounding the moss-covered pond, she was utterly enraptured by its ephemeral beauty that she knew would fleet as soon as the sun came up.

Family — Floral

Intensity — ■■■□□□

Top — Orange Flower / Melon
Body — Lotus / Orchid / Aquatic
Base — Moss / Musk

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